Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New York Trad Fest

When mom and I arrived in New York City, we walked to find a bakery which we saw whilst driving in city traffic. After we got our cupcakes, we walked down Broadway and 5th avenue looking around in a few shops before it was time for the Trad Fest.

The NY Trad Fest is a combination of some of the best musicians and singers in Irish music such as, Mick Moloney, John Whelan, Brian Conway, Pat Mangan, James Keane, Alisdair White, and many more! 

When we arrived, I first saw Mick Moloney. My mom and I talked to him for a while and he invited me to a venue which I played with him last year, it was at a church and other than Mick, it included my friend Billy McComisky. I am really excited to attend that gig again this year. After talking to Mick, I found my good friend Jayne, who was to open the show with me and our friend Joanna. We went and practiced along with Jayne’s brother Bram, figuring out the sets we were going to play together. We spent a while practicing before we had to go on stage. 

When we walked onto the stage, they were announcing the festival and also Joanna, Bram, Jayne and me. After we had been announced and the stage crew set up our microphones, we were ready to play. We started with a set of a few of my favorite jigs followed by a few great reels, and we finished with some fun, exciting reels. I loved playing with my friends. It is always great fun to play with them in sessions but even more so on stage!

After performing Bram and I spent about one hour selling 50/50 raffle tickets. It was so awesome to listen to the amazing New York musicians play whilst talking with friends. 

My favorite act of the night was probably Brian Conway and John Whelan’s duet. They sounded absolutely fantastic and the tunes they played were some of my favorites. Brian and John are two of my favorite solo performers but when they play a duet it sounds perfect! I could have listened to them for hours!

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