Tuesday, January 6, 2015

An Irish Christmas at Symphony Space in New York City

A few days before Christmas, I had the pleasure of joining Mick Moloney and his band in two nights of An Irish Christmas.

When I arrived at Symphony Space in New York City on Friday, I found Mick, who was playing tunes with Billy McComiskey. After greeting them, I joined in on a song. Eventually, it was time for sound check where we rehearsed a few sets, too. Then, we waited, talking to members of the band until it was time for the show. A few photographers joined us and did a photo-shoot for next year's concert.

My mom and I listened to the first half with the audience. It was very interesting to hear the many different Irish Christmas songs. My favorite song was one Liz Hanley sung called, Christmas in the Trenches. Afterward, I listened backstage until I was called out for the last three sets.

The crowd was very large and welcoming. I joined the band for The Wren Song, The January Man, and finished with a set of reels. I loved being on stage with Mick and the band. They are all a joy to perform with.

The next day, Mick arranged a set for me to play with Athena and Liz, who both play fiddle. I listened to the show from backstage and again, joined the band for the last few sets in the second half. In the set with Athena and Liz, I started with a solo and played The Fisherman's Island, a reel by Ed Reavy. Then, the girls joined in and played The Shoemaker's Daughter, another reel by Ed Reavy. We finished with The Wren Song, The January Man, and the set of three reels.

It was great fun to play with the band and I am very excited to join them next year.

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